Thursday | Jun 30 | 2022

6 Interesting Ways Telecom Companies Can Use Big Data?

The volume, complexity, and required transaction speeds have increased so much that it has become impossible to process it using traditional methods. Such data that can’t be handled using conventional methods is called big data.

Monday | Jun 20 | 2022

6 Easy Tricks on How to Get an Entry-level Business Analyst Job

Business Analyst is one of the most sought-after jobs in 2022. So much so that people switch careers to business analytics wishing for better prospects. But this sky-rocketing popularity has made it tough to land a business analyst job. Hence, it would help if you planned a strategy before venturing…

Wednesday | Jun 15 | 2022

Industrial Engineering and Business Analytics

While Industrial engineers have been around for longer, business analytics has become the new talk of the town recently. No single function is attributed to these roles, and there is a general confusion between the two.

Thursday | Feb 24 | 2022

Will AI and Machine Learning Replace Business Intelligence?

It is exciting to see that everyone is jumping on the trend of AI and ML across several industries. But misconceptions and lack of understanding are making it just as bigger of a villain. With the rate that ML and AI are taking over (or better yet, coming in front…